Cry but accept the pain

To all the broken hearts out there, don’t let your tears weaken you. Crying is a healing process, it isn’t the sign of cowardice. Feel the pain and let it out in the form of tears. You may cry for hours or days, but then a day will come, you will finally wake up and […]

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Let me start off by asking you a question! All of what is happening in our country presently, these gang rapes, kidnapping, molestation, murder, child trafficking, do we the people living in this country feel safe? Finally it’s being proved that, these so called rights for women exists is only in the social science textbooks […]


“Just be You”

‘Don’t try to live in someone else’s life, as the Life is very short for you’. -Steve Jobs, Apple founder, ex CEO Friends I’m back after a long time. So here I go! Now what does actually being ourselves mean? What is like living in someone else’s life? An Inspiration story of Amish Tripathi.How can […]

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What is belief? Belief is actually something in which we accept something which exist or it is perhaps the trust, faith or confidence in someone or something. A belief is such that you tend to be somebody from that. Significance of belief The Belief and other elements like courage, dedication, determination, efforts, perseverance are like […]