Cry but accept the pain

To all the broken hearts out there, don’t let your tears weaken you. Crying is a healing process, it isn’t the sign of cowardice. Feel the pain and let it out in the form of tears.

You may cry for hours or days, but then a day will come, you will finally wake up and feel sunshine rejuvenating you. You will feel you are finally relieved from all those piercing moments because time is the only healer. There is no such medicine which can mollify you from heartbreaks, depression phases or career turmoils. So have faith in time. Give it the chance to revive you.

Cry but don’t stay crying. Cry but accept you are going to be okay. Crying won’t help much but the acceptance will. Positivity always helps. Remember you aren’t the only person in the world going through the bad phase. Everybody suffers more or less. Life is easy for none but it all depends on our perspectives if we consider it easy or difficult. Would you like reading a story or watching a movie that moves with a non twisted pace, every move beautiful and straight? No, we usually find it boring or devoid of creativity. Then how can we expect our lives to be different or perfect?

Obviously problems don’t make our lives beautiful or interesting but then we can’t deny the fact our lives are also some stories going in action forming a part of this vast universe. There has to be those hard phases and quagmire and you need to be valiant enough to conquer it.

I know, emotional disturbances are harder than physical disturbances. But then, think about the person who is leading his life without a pair of eyes or is deaf or dumb. The one who is handicapped. Even, he is leading his life. Do you think, your heart break/losing a game is much more difficult to suffer than his impaired health? Well, you could agree that you are in worse phase. But no. It is not that easy. I have no intention of comparing things, because as everything has its own identity, similarly every pain has its own suffering.

Point is, you can’t deny the fact that there are people here and there in worse circumstances than yours. You have to accept this bitter reality of the world. Life provides you lemons too to make a lemonade. It’s all a matter of time. Don’t exasperate your pains lamenting over them thinking that you are the one or questioning almighty why you? Because everybody has got his own set of joys and sufferings. Happiness or sorrow, nothing lasts forever.

Love yourself, Live for yourself. Be yourself. And even if you cry, accept and move on and believe in time.


Shreyas ❤️



They say that dog owners live happier, longer lives. One big reason? Dogs can help you get out more often, stick to your workouts, and stay upbeat while you’re at it. How can your pet help you overhaul your fitness routine?



Gyms can help us get regular, efficient exercise…but they do nothing to salve our souls. The further we remove ourselves from nature, the more isolated we feel. Taking daily walks with your dog can help you reconnect with the sounds and sights of the natural world.

Your dog will fixate on the small things (like squirrels!) you’d otherwise overlook as you go about your day. Pets can help us connect with the larger world, adding peace and mindfulness into our daily lives.



If you have a young, active dog, they’ll love getting out for runs. When you see how happy they are getting to run by your side, you might be motivated to lace up and get going–even if you’ve never been a runner.

Maybe you’ll give up your Saturday Netflix binges for day hikes on nearby mountain trails, or peaceful walks around a tranquil lake. Or your afternoon slump will give way to tug-of-war at the dog park.

Slowly, you’ll find your regular habits supplanted as you find ways to get–and stay–active together, building a closer bond with your pup and keeping the two of you in great health.



Pets improve our mood, and so does exercise. What happens when we combine the two?

Working out on our own can sometimes increase our stress–because we zone out, worry about work, or otherwise remove ourselves from the present moment. Dogs can help us stay grounded and focused, and the fact that we’re taking care of their needs helps us feel even better.

Your dog’s infectious joy will also prompt you to be more social when you’re out and about, so the benefits just keep multiplying.

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One Night that changed my way of thinking forever

  • Dedicated to all the Fathers in the world.
  • Inspired by a true incident (Names and some changes are being made in the actual incident in order to protect the identity)

November 2008

Lights, lights, lights….

Lights from the oil lamps (Deepas) everywhere. Lights from the serial sets everywhere. In front of everyone’s home, alongside rangolis, and on the compound walls everywhere. You got it right, it was Diwali night. Diwali, as you all know, the festival of light which celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Everyone were happy in the house, in the neighborhood, in the streets but me? Not really.

The sound of crackers excited me about burning the Lakshmi Pataki, the Atom Bombs, and other similarly large scale crackers. For an eight year boy like me they meant a lot. And I couldn’t control my temptation of getting my hands over a box full of crackers.

Oh no, I forget to tell you about me. Myself Siddharth aka Siddu. An eight-year-old bought up by oveprotective parents. And I don’t really have any kind of freedom and always my Amma goes, don’t do this, don’t do that. I’m really fed up at this.

Suddenly, “Siddu, Siddu….” Rang out a voice, shouting at me.

“Siddu, how many times I’ve told you not to even touch the crackers without me telling you. Do you even know how dangerous it is? What if something goes wrong?” It was my mom, of course. She paused for a while but still kept staring me and continued, “Just wait for tomorrow’s newspaper. You will get to know the number of people who lost their eyes due to these stupid crackers”.

And that was a full stop to all my temptations over crackers. I was not allowed to burn big crackers but I was allowed only small crackers like sur sur bathi, flower pots and bhu chakra. What is it? Is this even my life? Why did this happen to me only and not to other kids in my neighborhood.

However, I was allowed to burn the big crackers under my Appa’s supervision. But unfortunately, on the same day my Appa had to attend business meeting and was out of town.

Therefore, on that day I went to sleep unsatisfied of anything. I was mentally cursing my father for not being present in the house even on the day of festival.


With this cracker incident haunting my dreams, I woke up in the mid sleep and found myself sweaty and full of thirst. I headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. I found my father was back home. He was sleeping in the master bedroom. Walking further, I found his Nokia touch screen phone put to charge on the sofa arm.

I picked it up and went straight to my room. Obviously, I wanted to play ‘Galaxy Battles’ which was my favorite game in his phone. By mistake, I hit ‘Gallery’ instead of the game. To my surprise I found the birthday pictures of a small boy. He looked very happy. I could sense it in his eyes. I was in full of question marks on seeing these pictures. How random it seemed! A small boy, a birthday, phone pictures and my father. Confused, I decided to keep my dad’s phone back to charge. In a hurry, I rushed to the sofa and I put it back to charge. As I was rushing back to my room, thud came a sound. I could sense that both my parents were about to wake to investigate the sound. I rushed back to my room and I pretended to be asleep. I figured that I knocked down the metal flower vase while running back.

Whew, thank god, I didn’t get caught by them.

“I guess it’s the wind. Close the hall window” said Appa to Amma. I listened curiously to hear what they would do next. “Get my phone. I’ll show you something” Appa said. She handed it to him. I had no visual. I could only hear their conversation.

“Look at these pics of this three year old boy, look how happy he is on his birthday. It reminds me of my Siddu”. He paused for a while. “It’s the baby of my client whom I met him today.” He rambled on a bit longer. Amma replied mostly in short sentences. “Oh!, Is it, Good, Wow, Wonderful”. I guessed she was sleepy and tired.

“You know what? My client is such a good person. He doesn’t have any ego despite he being very rich. It’s sad that he’s been bed ridden from past 2 years”.

“My client is in a bad condition, he wants me to get his son covered under a large insurance policy with a huge premium. He has got only his younger brother by his side as his wife died five years ago due to cancer. I don’t really want to approve his policy just to reach the company target. But I really want to help him”. The story continued. It looked interesting. I kept on listening and what he said next touched my heart.

“Such a bad condition, right? Thank god we are all such a happy family though we don’t have as much wealth. I really missed Siddu today. I suppose he must be feeling bad about that crackers but what can I do? Its my job. I can’t even spend the Diwali day with my son”. He was expressing his pain to Amma. Amma further asked about how he celebrated the kid’s birthday. I suppose she was trying to deviate his mind.

He was expressing his pain to Amma. Amma further asked about how he celebrated the kid’s birthday. I suppose she was trying to deviate his mind.

“I somehow came to know that yesterday was his son’s birthday. I just acted as though I was celebrating Siddu’s birthday while I was there. “Take a look at these pics”. He kept swiping one by one. “How cute. How happy he is” said my Amma.

That was the night I felt so proud of my father. Whatever may be the situation and however strict (and sometimes irritating) my parents are they still love me like anything. I’m fortunate to have them as my parents. And I decided to think in a broader way from since that incident.


Let me start off by asking you a question! All of what is happening in our country presently, these gang rapes, kidnapping, molestation, murder, child trafficking, do we the people living in this country feel safe?

Finally it’s being proved that, these so called rights for women exists is only in the social science textbooks and not in reality.

Candle marches, Tweets about these trending, news channels covering them for TRP are well and good but why publicize the name of that unfortunate girl? Instead spread a word about the person who has did such a horrendous act and make him pay for his sins!!

And I really don’t understand why are these questions left unsaid by our so called society.

  • Why is it, so the society frowns on girls wearing short dresses?
  • ‎When a girl comes from late night parties, why is it looked at with different perspectives by the society? Whereas same is ok with men
  • ‎If a boy is too close among girls it’s okay whereas why is it so looked different with girls by the society?
  • Why does this society looks down upon when a girl is a divorcee when same is okay among men?
  • ‎If a boy is too close among girls it’s okay whereas why is it so looked different with girls by the society?
  • Why does this society looks down upon when a girl is a divorcee when same is okay among men?

The best possible answer which I can give you is “She is a girl” and “She is not supposed to….”. These kind of stereotypical, hypocritical, and old system of mindset must be removed for once and all if India wants a change.

“We don’t need to tell our country’s girls to sit inside the house and not to got out but instead tell our country’s son’s to behave outside”

Yesterday, it was Nirbhaya, today it is Asifa,and tomorrow it could be someone who is dear you.

Due to these humiliating but true incindents people from other countries are now afraid to come to India and the whole world is looking cheap upon us. What’s happening to us, WAKE UP INDIA, WAKE UP.

We Indians these days, we tend to follow foreign culture a lot. If really follow everything from them, then even we need to adopt their judicial system too, and their judgments about these are too harsh for the accused and it must be to be a safe and sound country. Our Indian judicial system really need to learn a lot from them.

Justice must be upheld regardless of any religion, gender,age,race, and the guilty must be severely punished for such outrage acts

The Advent of Cricket Vs The Other Sports in India

Cricket at the Olympics

Well guys, how’s the sporting in India? Much focused on only Cricket isn’t it? Friends, I wont be wrong and be mistaken if I say that other sports are being neglected as well as these sports are being discriminated with Cricket. Isn’t it?

Every sport must be treated as equal but this sort of situation is deviated. It won’t be of surprise to you if i say that it is due to this kind of deviation that where we even struggle to get even a single gold medal in the olympic games despite having a huge population of 121 crores [as of 2011 census]. We have won a total of 28 olympic medals overall while only Michel Phelps, a swimmer of USA alone has won a 28 individual medals. Well this is indeed a time to think for it?

Also Our Indian football team has moved up of 77 places from 2 years. We shall be proud of it, because they have achieved it without any support from us. if we give support to them surely they will become one of the FIFA world cup playing nations in the world.


Recently Asian athletics 2017 meet was held in Bhubaneshwar, where we Indians topped the medals tally. Even beating China, the country which tops the medals tally in almost every olympic session


Well what does this prove? Having a dense population of 121 crores, don’t we have any sporting talent in our country? Really tell me friends,this is a million dollar question..

Not only that, even though there are so many games and events there in olympics most of the people in our country may not have heard about the names of the games ever before.Many of the names of the games have become alien to people. Really this is a pathetic situation.

This is not the problem of football, atheletics, the problem is in almost every sport. Not getting any of the support from the government or from the media or from any sponserers, these sports are facing a grave danger.

“Just be You”

‘Don’t try to live in someone else’s life, as the Life is very short for you’.

-Steve Jobs, Apple founder, ex CEO

Friends I’m back after a long time. So here I go! Now what does actually being ourselves mean? What is like living in someone else’s life? An Inspiration story of Amish Tripathi.How can you live to the fullest by living in your passion? find out more!!

  • Whoever you are and whatever you are, be you. Living in someone else’s life is like wearing someone else’s innerwear.

  • The thing is that you are not comfortable with that.
  • And next is that you are not feeling the same feeling as yours.

Always do what you wanted to do. Initially you may get discouraged,rejected and left alone without getting any help from others but once when you finish off , hit the target more than what you expected, achieve succes and reach on top, the joy of that is something different…. isn’t it?

So now here’s an inspirational story of the India’s literary popstar, the self-publishing sensation, Amish Tripathi

It’s quite surprising and disheartening to know that his debut novel in shiva trilogy ‘The immortals of Meluha’ was rejected by not 2 or 3 but by over 20 publishers. 8 more than J K Rowling’s rejection list for Harry potter series. Did he give up? No…..

He was being himself and self published his first book. It was a instant best seller. Later it was republished by westland publishers and rest is history. Today his books are 4 million copies sold and has been translated to 19 language including 6 foreign languages.

You know what, when he was rejected by 20 publishers, he didn’t give up but was starting to write his second book. Surprising and inspiring isn’t it?

Don’t tell them (people) your plans, if you tell them there is a chance that you may be their laughing stock. Put the plans back into action & show them your results. Well this will zip their mouths isn’t it?

A crumpled 2000 rupee note doesn’t even loose out its value even after that stage. Similarly whatever maybe your condition and whatever maybe the situation never give up. Do what you wanted to do. Just be you, just be you


Now please feel free and do tell me what you have felt after reading this. Good or bad all reviews are accepted heartly and help me improve my blogs. I request you guys to comment down in the comment section on whatever you feel regarding this.